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Testimony - 1

High blood pressure


I started taking Aloe Vera Gel in the month of June 2003 to control my high BP. In the span of last 2/3 months I have fantastic experiences. They are as follows:


1. While playing cricket, I fell down and bottom bone of my spinal cord had bent. I showed it to many doctors but they laid their hands as there was no remedy to set the bone right. I had a bad pain while driving scooter, car , in rickshaw, bus etc. After taking Aloe Vera Gel for 15 days the pain has diminished and now I'm enjoying driving.


2. Though I was playing cricket regularly, I had joint pain and muscular pain. It was due to increased Uric Acid in my body. After taking Aloe Vera, the Uric Acid came down from 6.3 to 2.5 and I have no more joint pains.


3. At the age of 55 years, I was suffering from prostate glands. A specialist doctor advised me to go for operation, which was costing Rs. 22 thousand. After taking Aloe Vera Gel for one month and Aloe Berry Nectar, I found that there was no necessity for performing operation for my prostate glands.


4. In the span of 2 months after taking Aloe Vera Gel and then Aloe Berry Nectar, my weight has been reduced from 82 kg to 75 kg.


5. In the rainy season every year I was a victim of cough, cold and flu but after taking Aloe Vera for last 3 months, I enjoyed my rainy season with no raincoat or black umbrella.



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