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Testimony - 1


I saved my leg from getting amputated


I’m aged 62 years and live in chattisgarh, a small village. I did not know when I got the diabetes disease. I got my leg infected due to the high sugar level and pus formation was never getting healed. I went to city hospitals and met several doctors, they all refused treatment saying it is too advanced stage and the only option is to cut or amputate the leg.


Around this time, I was told about Natural Aloe Vera Supplements which can help me. I was told that my leg could be saved by using purest form of Aloe Vera. I was told to drink Aloe Vera, apply Aloe Gelly and spray Aloe First on the wound / affected area. In 15 days time, as if like a miracle, my sugar level dropped from 500 to 126 for the very first time. I stopped taking injections My leg started to heal up and I saved my leg from getting amputated.


I'm very thankful and greatful to FLP’s wonderful miraculous products.

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Testimony - 2

For the past 4 years I have been a diabetic, at which time I was taking 80 units of insulin daily. In july 1985, I was introduced to the Aloe Vera products by two gentlemen, Mr. Leon and Mr. Danny.


I was a bit skeptical about the product at first when they told me that it could help my health. Three weeks after I received 2 bottles of Aloe Vera, I started to drink 9 ounces of it every day. After taking the juice, I started to have severe headaches, not knowing that because of the Aloe Vera, I was taking too much insulin.


I decided to go to my doctor to get my blood monitored. My doctor did a complete blood analysis and told me to reduce my insulin by 2 units every second day an to continue seeing her so she could monitor my blood. I went to see her the following week and instead of reducing my insulin by 2 units a day, she told me to reduce it by 4 units, after that I was told to one and see her every Wednesday for one month.


By the end of the month, I was completely off my insulin, this makes me the happiest man in the Universe, and I am also happy to say that in the space of 2 ˝ months, I have lost 45 pounds, of which my regular weight was 255.


I am happy and proud to be a member of Forever Living Products and since becoming involved, I have introduced our great Aloe Vera products to several people who have had great results…



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Testimony - 3



My mother had been a diabetic and on insulin for about twenty years. She eventually lost all feeling in her feet and legs. She had thousands of laser treatments in her eyes with the result that she couldn't see. She also had two cataract operations. One day she became very confused and when we put her to bed, we discovered a large to hole in the bottom of her foot. When we looked at her slipper, we discovered it was soaked with blood. There was a nail or large tack that she had at some time stepped on and each time she would put her slipper on, the nail would stick up into her foot right into the bone.


We took my mother to the doctor and he sent her to the hospital, explaining that they would amputate her foot and try to spare her life. The next morning, the doctor called, cancelling the operation, telling us that mom was too sick to survive the operation. She had a very bad heart, high blood pressure and plugged arteries causing circulation problems especially to the brain causing her confusion. He suggested that they keep mom in the hospital until they could get her well enough to have the operation. During the next six weeks, mom got worse. She developed a staph infection in the hole in her foot, got cellulitis, Osteomelitis and had fifteen strokes.


In spite of this, they sent my mother home and I immediately got a call from my father. He said that my mother was sicker than when she went into the hospital and asked if I could call the doctor. I was alarmed when the doctor told me that we could expect my mother to die within two days with a massive stroke or heart attack. He explained that my mother had made him promise to send her home to die in her own bed. He knew that we would want to call in specialists, so he had already had one in to check her heart, another for her blood pressure, one for the plugged arteries and he was dealing with her diabetes himself.


By this time, mom was taking 125 units of insulin a day and besides her other problems, had sores in her mouth, down her throat and ulcers covering other parts of her body, she knew that I was one of her children, but wasn't sure which one. She couldn't stand to eat and blood trickled from the corners of her mouth when she tried to talk because of her strokes, she could make noise, but could barely speak so that you could understand her. We thought that she would surely die, but that wasn't God's plan.


A preacher from Erie, Pennsylvania, heard about my mother, because lots of people were praying for her and sent us a quart of Forever Living Aloe Vera Juice and some Aloe Gelly. At first my mother didn't take it because we didn't know anything about it and were afraid that it might hurt her. Finally in desperation (or divine inspiration), my brother poured some in a glass and my mother drank it.


Later that night, mom went into insulin shock, so she ate a peach and made a phone call which thrilled us because she hadn't been able to do that for a long time.


The next morning, she went into insulin shock again, so we gave her a candy bar and my sister took her to the doctor, he couldn't believe it, but reduced her insulin.


That same night I took my mother to church. She walked with my help and later drove her car to my brother's to visit her grandchildren.


We consider this an answer to prayer and have been telling people about it every time. Mom got steadily better, putting the Aloe Gelly on the sores and able to eat the next day…



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Testimony - 4


Forever Aloe Gel works...


My name is Akaram Y. Patil. I am 59 years old. I am the trustee of Sharda Ashram Vidyamandir (Dadar)


I have been suffering from acute diabetes from the year 1984. My sugar level varied from 400 to 465 and I was on insulin twice a day 20 units morning and 20 units evening.


Recently when I visited my neighbor and friend Mr. Bhambhani in his office at Dadar and Met Mr. Thomas, both of them convinced me to try Aloe Vera Gel as it was good for diabetes.


Skeptically, I started consuming Aloe Gel, from early October 2003. On 15th October 2003, I tested my blood sugar levels (Lab Report below)


Again on 14th November I went for one more test (Report attached) Now I have reduced my intake of insulin and find considerable improvement.


Thank you, FLP ALOE GEL.

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